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Unifying framework(s) for tech innovations

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I love all of the great objectives in Theme C: Technology Use and Development, but one thing that might be lacking is effort to specifically unify tech platforms/innovations so that we (researchers) aren't constantly reinventing the wheel by developing new app platforms, telehealth systems, or data sharing sites that may end up redundant or incompatible with existing tech infrastructures. This is maybe an issue that NCMRR MR3 Centers could tackle, and they could also recommend best practices and recommended platforms/systems/programming languages for different emerging areas of tech. Otherwise, because of the rapid pace of how quickly tech evolves, there are for instance, tons of AI algorithms designed to do the same thing, but could maybe have collaborated to make an even better final algorithm. Related, collaborative competitions (or hackathons) to get teams to work together and collaboratively build tech that addresses specific NCMRR rehab needs could be fun and effective!

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