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The first STRIVE workshop was thought provoking, and every speaker clearly expressed ongoing issues in their particular specialization without superficiality--a real feat given the time limitation.

What struck me was the number of times the question was posed--how do we reduce disparities now that see the problems more clearly due to COVID-19 and continue to collect strong data? Every panelist admitted how hard it is to affect systemic change. The most relevant answer I heard was about the importance of voting and pushing for legislation to improve the landscape for populations experiencing health disparities.

I do not know of a central site or resource that tracks on what individual states and federal legislators are doing to reduce health disparities. Is there an organization helping researchers and individuals locate current movements to address discrimination specifically in health fields, as well as in housing, finance, education, etc.? It seems to me that researchers and public health workers can not ignore the direct impact politics have on these problems. 

Perhaps such a resources exists, and I hope someone will direct me to it. If not, I propose developing such a resource or partnering with others already providing the public information about active legislation to make sure health issues are included in the debate. We need to know what our elected officials are doing so that we can support or protest, depending on our priorities.




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