NIH Rehabilitation Plan

Step 1: Building AI-able data sources!

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This comment crosses between Theme F: Building Research Capacity and Infrastructure and Theme C: Technology Use and Development, especially "C4. Apply augmented intelligence systems for processing and interpreting data from individuals and populations."

In a nutshell, for rehabilitation researchers to be able to apply AI algorithms to process and interpret large rehab datasets, we first need to have our rehab data recorded and stored in a format that is computer-readable. That requires some (light but widespread) training in data management and basic computer programming principles, so that even if researchers aren't using AI on the data themselves, they are at least collecting data in a format that can be used for future algorithm development and deployment by others. This includes how to name files, how to store data, how to use electronic resources for data storage, and maybe even training and websites on basics of data management for future AI use.

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