NIH Rehabilitation Plan

Readiness for change in rehabiliation

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This plan is ambitious, visionary, inclusive, and potentially transformative for rehabilitation science and clinical practice. There remains, however, a major obstacle or gap between the concepts put forth in this document and "the readiness" of both reviewers and applicants to embrace the value, feasibility, and impact of some of the themes and specific approaches within these themes. In my role now as a PI for one of the Infrastructure Resource Centers, the most common issue I encounter with investigators is their timidity and sense of needing to be small-scale and cautious in what they propose. When I ask them not to think about budget or criticism, but to first really identify what their very best ideas (backed by preliminary evidence, whenever possible) are and how they would approach things, these ideas are vastly superior to the prior grant applications these individuals have submitted or what they are "modestly" thinking of submitting for future applications. Also, some clinical trials will be large than $500k budget, but many investigators think this is an impossibility.

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