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Involving patients when designing placental research studies

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I recommend involving patients from the start in developing any placental research effort. 

Patients have helped us to design our observational cohort study of early onset fetal growth restriction. They told us how they would like to be recruited to such a study and what they thought of being recruited. Was it a burden to take part in a research study when their baby is extremely small and has a high chance of dying? Far from it.  But don't overburden them with too many studies as patients get "research fatigue".

We have now identified novel biomarkers of pregnancy outcome that we can apply when women first present 20-26 weeks of gestation. We asked patients what information would want from a predictive test? Do they want to know if their baby will be stillborn or at what gestational age they will be delivered? Now we know and can develop a test in unison with our patients.



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