NIH Rehabilitation Plan

Ideas for Themes A, B, and F

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Theme A:

A.4. Consider the transition into early childhood and from early childhood to middle childhood, to be inclusive to a broader range of critical transitions throughout the lifespan.

Theme B:

B.3. Consider modifying wording to "…promote independence and participation" as community integration is a term specific to adults, not commonly used in pediatric contexts. This way, research on sociodemographic influences on outcomes of rehabilitation interventions targeting children, youth, and adults are considered.

B.5. Consider modifying wording to "that enable families and communities to support independence and participation in valued activities …"

Theme F:

F.6. Three considerations: 1) Consider modifying wording to include recruitment and retention: Provide a strategy for recruiting and retaining individuals with disabilities and underrepresented minority groups in the field of rehabilitation research; 2) Consider listing it first in the last theme. Somehow, listing it at the end of the last theme may reinforce doubt about its priority; 3) Consider targeting enhanced diversity supplements to investigators not yet at the R01 level, given the known disparities in R01 funding. This targeted approach may provide a boost to the investigator and help to further support and build a pipeline of trainees for rehabilitation research careers.

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